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Mind Over Matter

The physical body can decompose, but we don’t. We cannot.


Higher Self — Cocaine80s


"Doorway to higher self"

Chuck ponders the roots of this symbol and its prevalence among ancient civilizations…

“Swa” means “higher self”, “asti” meaning “being”, and “ka” as a suffix; which can be interpreted as a “Being with higher self”

Fuck off, Hitler.

Now what to do with my life, excitement!

Being is creating, and when you are simply excited because there is no other way to be, not because the excitement is about something, then your excitement will know no bounds and know no end, and everything will fall into your excitement, you will not be looking for the excitement to be in things, you will find as all of you will find is that the excitement is what you are that is your state, it is the state of being you and everything will fall into that state, the excitement is not so much in things, we understand we have used that terminology but this is a convenience, it is simply the vagaries of your language, excitement isn’t in things things are in excitement, and when you simply are willing to be excited for no reason then it won’t be about something and you’ll be excited all the time because there will be no reason not to be. Don’t think about, don’t worry about, don’t guess about it, just keep going, what you have heard will sink in, believe me the child in you heard me very clearly and is very excited about there not having to be a reason to be excited, the fact that your child is becoming more excited that excitement is alright for it’s own sake the more that child will leak into you, the more you will let it, and this does not need to be about anything, do not make it conditional, do not attach it to anything outside that needs to be there, if I do this, if this happens then I can, don’t make if thens, no more if thens, gone are the if thens, just be, it’s all connected, it’s all one thing, just be.~bashar

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Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchucks like a boss

Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchucks like a boss

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If someone corrects your pronoun use, be respectful and carry on with the corrected pronoun! We’re all people in the end! :)

and please never use “it.”  Ever.


reblogging because of that comment ^

if you ever use “it” in front of me i swear to fuckign god i’ll punch you straight in the mouth and break all your goddamn teeth dO NOT FUCKING DEHUMANIZE SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THEM I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH IT PISSES ME OFF

this is so cute haha.

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You always! know what to do, trust yourself~divine intuition

You always! know what to do, trust yourself~divine intuition


tie dye monkey


tie dye monkey

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